Sunday Services

8.00 Eucharist

10.00 The Parish Eucharist

10.00 Junior Church

18.30 Evening Prayer

19.00 Benediction

Weekday Eucharists

Tuesday 10.00

Wednesday 19.00

Thursday 10.00

Friday 12.30

Saturday 18.00

Contact Details
Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Street, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 3JG.
01823 354800
Facebook:  Holy Trinity Taunton


  • History

    Holy Trinity Church was built in 1842, through the generosity of its first Vicar, Frederick Jeremiah Smith, who also built Holy Trinity School, formerly alongside the church.

    The building is in the 'Church Commissioners' style - in other words, cheap and cheerful, and designed to seat as many as possible!  But is has an elegance and a prayerfulness which belies its humble architecture.  In 1842 Taunton was expanding - as it is now - and with the workhouse nearby and a number of new houses being built for workers on the new railway link, there were not enough places of worship.  Holy Trinity allowed people to worship for free, without having to 'buy' pews, and the worn stone steps to the gallery show the number of clogs and hobnail boots that have found a worshipping home.  Originally built as a basic 'preaching box', the church was enriched in 1882, and has continued to be ever since.

    Since the beginning of the 20th century, Holy Trinity has embraced Tractarian teaching and practice, which some people call 'high church', but really means that we are in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England, and the worship and decoration of the building reflect this.

    But above all, Holy Trinity is a vibrant community of people, a home for the stranger, and a place where God can be worshipped and the sacraments received, and welcomes all to look, pray and worship throughout the week.


    Holy Trinity school continues to thrive and enjoys very close connections with its parish church.