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Fr Julian writes

News is just emerging of the terrible events in Manchester.  It seems, at this early stage of investigations, that a suicide bomber deliberately detonated a bomb packed with metal shards during a pop concert at which many families and young people were present.  This is an atrocious act of barbarism and cannot be justified by any faith or belief.  That it took place within the context of general election hustings is no coincidence either.  Naturally our thoughts and prayers go to those who have lost loved ones or friends, those who were physically injured and all who will be scarred by the remembrance of the event.

We need, though, to remember that as Christians we are entering into a few sacred weeks of great significance.  We have celebrated the Ascension of the Lord.  We await the celebration of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the joy of the Holy Trinity, and thanksgiving for the gift of Jesus in Holy Communion.  As we come to terms with the appalling tragedy affecting so many, we do so not just in the context of that with which society is pre-occupied, politically and socially, but above all spiritually.

At Ascension, we rejoice that Jesus, his earthly work fulfilled, returns to the Father’s side, resuming that reign he enjoyed from the beginning of time.  At Pentecost, we celebrate that Jesus’ statement, ‘I am with you always’ is fully realised in the giving of God’s Holy Spirit.  On Trinity Sunday, we are enfolded in that love of our triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, into whose mystery we are drawn.  And at Corpus Christi, we give thanks that we are able to receive the very life of Jesus in Holy Communion.  These events are more than just churchy days for the keen and committed, but more especially declarations about the nature of God in whose faith we live and have our being, even in the context of such awful inhumanity as we have seen in Manchester as May draws to a close.

We have to believe that God does reign supreme over all things.  This has been demonstrated time and time again through the writings of Holy Scripture and the experience of our lives.  Nobody doubts the validity of Her Majesty’s reign when terror strikes; she is seen as a focus of unity and hope for the nation.  Through the gift of free will God cannot prevent what happens in the world, but we should not allow evil to damage our trust and belief in his divine rule.

We need to remember that God is not a passive bystander but is involved in all human affairs, through the example of his Son and through us, who have been co-heirs with Jesus of God’s kingdom by the gifting of the Holy Spirit.  It is as Christ in the world that we combat both the physical, moral, emotional and spiritual effects of dreadful acts, knowing that Christ overcame, and so shall we.  The crucifixion and resurrection bear witness to that.

One of the terrorists’ aims is that we, society, should be divided and rendered insecure.  That we should alter our habits and perhaps even be tempted to demonize certain groups whom we hold responsible.  They will not succeed.  We have the example of the Holy and INDIVISIBLE Trinity as an example; all its members united in the unbreakable bonds of love, co-existent, co-eternal, and one in love and purpose.  That is the model of life to which we should aspire and work towards.

The Holy Communion is the greatest example we could have a of self-giving love.  ‘This is my body; this is my blood’ – words we can hear every day at Holy Trinity, but words that can transform us and the world.  That Jesus gives his life eternally for those who wish to receive it; that we should be able to receive his Body and Blood in Holy Communion whenever we wish, is a cause for thanksgiving and joy.  In Holy Communion we are united ever more closely with Jesus, risen, ascended, glorified; empowered by the Holy Spirit; absorbed into the majesty of the Godhead.  What human activity can overcome these truths?  Let us be bold and confident in out faith, and hold to Mother Julian’s words:  ‘All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.'