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Fr Julian writes...

Christians everywhere are still rightly celebrating the resurrection of Jesus – Easter.  The Easter season continues until Pentecost, 50 days afterwards, and is preceded by Ascension Day – both of which are important festivals for us to celebrate.

Ascension Day is on the 10th May, and it is the day when we remember that after completing his work on earth, Jesus resumes his reign in heaven with his Father.  10 days later on the 20th, we celebrate Pentecost, the birthday of the Church, the day when the Holy Spirit transformed the disciples from being frightened and uncertain to confident witnesses to the risen Jesus.

Those 10 days between the two great festivals can sometimes seem a little bit like treading water.  Jesus has resumed his reign in heaven, but the Holy Spirit has not yet descended enabling us t continue his work and mission here on earth.  In some ways, this period of waiting reflects our own position here at Holy Trinity.

Shortly there will be another parish ‘awayday’ where the future direction of this parish will be determined.  We will be revisiting the proposals and plans made last year under the four headings of Spirituality, Outreach, welcome and Nurture.  Through setting new and challenging but realistic aims under these headings, we will be better focussed on our primary calling and responsibility – mission.  The main objective is not to get more backsides on pews, although that might be a welcome result!

In my annual report to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting held on 22 April, as well as reflecting on the year that had passed, I also offered a personal perspective on what might lie ahead for us in 2018/9, in the form of some questions.  These are:

  • What are the things we do well?
  • How do we celebrate achievement?
  • What is it that we have that we want to share?
  • What are we going to do to proclaim more effectively the gospel in the community, which may result in an increased membership?
  • How are we going to resource the church physically and spiritually for its continued mission?
  • In what ways are we going to encourage and develop lay ministry?
  • How are we going to deepen our own faith and commitment?
  • Are we more concerned about serving ourselves before others?
  • Do we make best use of the resources that we already have?

I believe that these will provide a useful, but not exhaustive, basis for our discussions at the Awayday.  However, in order for any efforts at mission to be successful, it needs to be Holy Spirit-driven, not the forced action arising from necessity.  The questions and answers actually lie in God’s hands, and entrusted to us.  Yet if this seems a bit daunting, let me just remind you of two important facts:  God does not ask the impossible and we are not going anywhere where God has not been before.

Ascension Day, with its Sung Mass at 7.30pm will give us the opportunity to recall that Christ is the King of all.  Having been victorious in his earthly ministry, he now sits at God’s right, always interceding for us.  Pentecost reminds us that we can do all things in God’s power and that the Holy Spirit is just as much at work in God’s Church today as it was at her beginning.  I believe that we should use this period between the two as a time of prayer.

This period also covers the Archbishop’s initiative, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ which reflects our aspirations, and by sharing in it, we shall offer a common prayer to God for the increased mission of his Church, of which we are but a part.  Elsewhere in this magazine are some details.  But keep the work and mission of this parish in your prayers, and think about attending the Awayday – it is open to all, and your input would be valued.