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Fr Julian writes...

Lent is well under way, and I hope that by now we are all well-established in our Lenten disciplines.  The Lent Group with the LMG parishes is now under way (Tuesdays, 3pm, St Andrew’s), Compline on Thursdays at 8pm in the Vestry and Stations on Fridays at 6pm.  Not every parish is as fortunate as we are in having such a range of provisions for Lent, and it is good to see that this is represented in attendance.

As you know, Lent is ‘only’ forty days, but a lifetime if you’ve taken on a particularly challenging act of fasting!  For those who are finding it a struggle, don’t forget that Sundays are ‘feast’ days, and are not included in the forty days…  Sometimes, however, I get the feeling that when Lent is over, there is a temptation to take a spiritual breather until Easter.  That’s plain wrong, because Lent leads inevitably into Holy Week; just as in Lent we focus on the beginning of Jesus’ ministry following his baptism, so in Holy Week we focus on the last few days of his earthly life, and enter with him into his ‘passion’, from the Latin word meaning ‘suffering’.  And as Holy Week begins, on Palm (sometimes now called Passion) Sunday, we are led into the great three days, the ‘Triduum’, of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy (NOT Easter!) Saturday.

Once again, this year we will be joining our sisters and brothers from the LMG parishes (All Saints’, St Peter’s and St Andrew’s) for evening services.  There will be a short address at each looking at the gospel reading set for that evening.  I commend the services to you as a way by which we can share in fellowship with one another, and encourage one another as we begin the spiritually arduous joining with the Lord towards the cross, becoming a larger ‘church’ – a community of Christians gathered together being fed by word and sacrament.

I have noticed that some people jump from Palm Sunday, when we proclaim Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, straight into Easter.  That’s both illogical and unsatisfactory – forgive me for being blunt.  No one jumps into a car and expects to be able to drive unless they have undertaken a period of training, nor can anyone, I believe, enter fully into the joy of the resurrection unless they journeyed as much as possible with Jesus along the Via Dolorosa – the way of suffering.

The liturgies on those days (7.30pm on Maundy Thursday; 10am and 2.00pm on Good Friday; 8pm on Holy Saturday) are dramatically different from those we experience at any other time of the year.  And purposefully so, because through them we enter into the ‘drama’ of the Passion – we cease to be onlookers, and instead become participants.

You might be surprised by my deliberately using the term ‘drama’.  We may be more use to its definition as a play for theatre, radio or television; we might also think of events which are extraordinary; we might also think of the word in its pejorative sense – a ‘drama queen’.  What I mean by the word is taking it back to its original classical Greek origins.  As a noun it means ‘action’ and as a verb it means ‘I do’.

Action.  Holy Week and the Triduum are very much action.  They recount and bear witness to the completion of the Lord’s work of salvation, through the sacrifice of the Cross and his eventual resurrection.  There surely can be nothing more dramatic than this?

I do.  The action of these days is not an enactment history – a ‘drama’ in the usual sense - but by our ‘doing’ becomes a living event in which we are actively involved.  WE cheer Jesus as he rides into Jerusalem.  WE are present at the Last Supper, in the Garden of Gethsemane, witnesses to his arrest.  WE cry ‘crucify’, walk with Jesus, weep with the women.  WE see the empty tomb and the risen Lord.

I pray that we may all enter fully into the drama of Holy Week and come to share in Easter joy.