Sunday Services

8.00 Eucharist

10.00 The Parish Eucharist

10.00 Junior Church

18.30 Evening Prayer

19.00 Benediction

Weekday Eucharists

Tuesday 10.00

Wednesday 19.00

Thursday 10.00

Friday 12.30

Saturday 18.00

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  • The Mass

    Christians throughout the ages have followed Jesus' command to 'Do this in remembrance of me.'  This and the command to baptise are the only direct instructions by Jesus as to what Christians should be doing as worship.  Since the second century, the one service that is unique to be the Christian faith, the Mass, has been celebrated by Jesus' family.

    The Mass is a family meal.  We gather round his table, the altar, and are fed with the Word of God - holy scripture - and the 'Word made flesh' -Jesus' body and blood given to us at the Last Supper he held with his friends on the night he was betrayed, on the eve of his crucifixion.  So young and old, male and female, all come together to obey Jesus' instructions at services throughout the week at Holy Trinity.

    Being human beings, we all have our own preferences as to what we like!  On Sundays, the first Mass is at 8am, which is said, lasts about half an hour, and uses tradtional language.  Our main service, at 10am - the Parish Mass - is altogether different.  Rich and vibrant, there is music, readings, ceremony and colour.  Children are always welcome.  During term-time there is 'Junior Church' - Sunday School - in the adjacent church hall.  The children join us in church for the last half of the main service.  Also there is a well-equipped toddlers' corner where parents can come in at any time during the service and take advantage of the cushions, carpet, toys and books for their children.  After this service, there's always coffee and chat in the hall!

    And during the week there are others Masses at different times.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we use traditional language at the 10am services, whereas at the Wednesday (7pm) Fridays (12.30pm) and Saturday (6pm) we use contemporary language.  The Friday service is always followed by a soup lunch in the hall - hot soup, roll and a coffee all for a £1!  The chat's free...

    Some people think it's only Roman Catholics who have 'Mass'.  The Church of england's prayers books have never said that we are a 'protestant' church, and in the Creed all churches say that they are part of the 'one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.'  By calling it Mass, we are following Jesus' instrutcions, and also using the same name used by most Christians for this service in the world today.  Whether you prefer 'eucharist' or 'holy communion', what's in a name!

    You are always welcome at any service, and there are easy to follow books at all times.

  • The Sacraments