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Sunday July 1 2018




Jesus said:  Do not fear, only believe


Mark 5. 21-43


Sunday 1 July 2018




This long reading from St Mark’s gospel set for this Sunday, contains the accounts of two healings.  The first is of a woman who was suffering from bleeding, and had done so for years.  In the crowd pressing around Jesus, on his way to see a dying child, she reaches out and touches his clothing, and was cured.  The second is how the story begins.  Jairus, one of the leaders of the synagogue, begged Jesus to come and heal his daughter.  On his way, a servant breaks the devastating news:  Jairus’ daughter is dead.  There is no need for Jesus to come.  There is no hope.


This is a story about hope, and yet more than that.  The two main characters, the woman and Jairus, had approached Jesus in desperation.  One had been mucked about with by quacks and was no better but considerably poorer, and the other was at his wits’ end as his daughter was dying.  One was healed because of physical contact with a seemingly unaware Jesus; the other because of his presence.  We can learn from both.


  • ·         How often is it that you turn to Jesus as a last resort?
  • ·         Are you prepared to put our faith primarily in Jesus?
  • ·         Do you truly expect healing through him?
  • ·         Are you afraid to approach him?
  • ·         Do you wish to remain anonymous, yet gain the benefit of Jesus?


These questions and many more arise from this reading, especially from the woman who was bleeding.  We can see that her hope had made her do something which was completely unacceptable in the eyes of society.  She, a mere woman, had the audacity to approach a respected teacher and actually to touch him.  For some reason – we don’t know what – she had convinced herself that Jesus could make her whole again, and be accepted into society as she would be regarded as unclean because of her bleeding.  For her, healing was as much about reconciliation as well as a cure; she was made well both physically and spiritually.  Jairus was probably in a panic, throwing his dignity and his status to one side out of concern for his daughter.  A last throw of the dice.  And then she’s dead.  A group come from the death-bed to break the news and to save Jesus the trouble – or was it also their embarrassment?  The child is raised.


  • ·         What do you need to overcome to approach Jesus?
  • ·         Is yours hope or faith?
  • ·         Are you prepared to intercede fully for others?
  • ·         Do you walk with Jesus on his mission?
  • ·         Do you believe that Jesus is the resurrection and the life?


Mark in his urgency conflates two stories, interjecting one with another.  This is not a literary device to keep the readers’ or listeners’ attention, it is not the result of a mad scramble to write everything down no matter what order.  This is a story of how faith is more than hope.  How desperation can overcome prejudice.  How Jesus fulfils in ways humanity cannot.  Do no fear, only believe.


Sunday 24 June 2018