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Jesus commanded his Church to 'heal the sick'.  Holy Trinity takes this seriously and below are examples of how this is done.



People are prayed for regularly.  Please tell us if you know of someone who needs our prayers, but ensure they have given their permission to do so.  Names are remembered through our weekly notice sheet, (though in the version which is available online individual names are not included).



These include a time when we pray for the sick.  In addition, in the case of danger to life, anointing with Holy Oil and/or the Laying-on of Hands are part of Holy Trinity's ministry.  Please contact Fr Julian directly if you wish to receive this Sacrament.


Pastoral Care

People who are unwell often appreciate a visit, either in hospital or at home.  Visits are made by the clergy and lay people as well.  Again, please let us know of anyone in the parish who may wish to receive a visit.



We are not just physical beings, but spiritual ones as well.  Just as we suffer bodily illness, so our spiritual selves can become unwell.  Confession is a way of receiving particular forgiveness, which can bring about inner peace.  The practice is common in the Church of England, being advised in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, with the biblical instruction to do so in the letter of St James in the bible.


Spiritual Guidance

It is sometimes helpful to have someone with whom to to talk problems through, or else to receive advice.  Please, again, contact Fr Julian if you'd like to chat through anything that is troubling you and with which you could do some help.


Holy Communion

Receiving Holy Communion is the best way of receiving Jesus into ourselves.  'Do this in remembrance of me' is one of his very few direct commandments, and the celebration of Holy Communion, or the Mass, takes place at Holy Trinity nearly every day of the week.  The Holy Communion, the Blessed Sacrament, is perpetually reserved in the church; above it burns a white lamp to show Jesus' presence.  People can come to Jesus in this sacrament in private prayer, and Holy Communion can be taken to those unable to come to church in person.

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