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Holy Trinity has one of the lightest rings of bells in Taunton, with the Tenor, the heaviest, weighing only 5 cwts.  In bell terms that's very light!

There are six bells, and they are rung from  the ringing chamber in the church tower.  If you look at the clock face, then that is the level of the chamber.  When all the bells are ringing, you can actually feel the tower sway - but don't worry, it's meant to!

Usually a bell tolls before every service to let everyone know that one is happening.  It also tolls when a funeral is taking place and the coffin is leaving or entering the church, as a sign of respect.  Bells are rung at weddings, and a 'muffled' peal is sometimes heard at funerals or memorial services.

The six bells have been restored and rehung in 2022 and the ringing chamber and access to it refurbished.  A service with the Bishop of Bath and Wells was held in June 2023 when the bells were rededicated.

Bellringing is a skill, and very enjoyable.  Bellringing practice is held on Wednesdays between 7.30pm and 9pm.  The captain of the tower, Mrs Margaret Jordan, is always pleased to encourage new ringers - teenagers are especially welcome.  Please contact her through the Parish Office. 

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